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About Cemcoat Inc.

Cemcoat is a surface coating, metal finishing, and engineering company with over 40 years of service established in 1961.

The Cemcoat coating process helps protect parts and equipment from dangerous or corrosive environments like seawater, rain, wind, acid, heat, impact, friction, space, vacuum, hazardous waste, or chemical toxicity.

At Cemcoat, we provide coating operations on a wide cross-section of industrial components and parts. We also handle large and complicated projects that require a series of complex coatings.

We and our affiliated groups of manufacturing partners in California and throughout the United States can also provide you with your manufacturing needs as well as performing assembly of parts or equipment.

Our customers include:

  • Commercial manufacturers (Athletic, Construction, Entertainment, Food, Furniture, and Medical industries)
  • Aerospace companies
  • Military including above and underwater military vehicle manufacturers
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications
  • Any company manufacturing products that require coatings to prevent corrosion or parts breakdown.

Our facilities consist of a 20,000+ square foot area in the Los Angeles, California region.

We provide electroplating, powder coating, spray paint, drilube, and teflon on parts made of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, foam, and wood for protection and cosmetic purposes.

We welcome the opportunity to quote for your specific requirements and are available to offer our advice and assistance on request.

For projects that require coatings and complex coatings,
wet spray painting, powder coating or blasting,

Contact Cemcoat today to get started.

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Industry Experience

With over 40 years of metal finishing experience our leadership team and employees are among the most qualified and committed in the industry.

Attention to detail

Our attention to detail assures that we work diligently to make each customer's experience with us rewarding to meet and exceed expectations.


We are currently approved by Teledyne, B/E Aerospace, Marvin Engineering, ITT Corporation, Saint-Gobain, and other small sub contractors.